Oak Wood School

Citrix Receiver Guide

If you have already installed the Citrix receiver just go to the portal and log in.  If it's asking you to install the receiver again click on the skip to logon link.


First navigate your browser to the Remote Access Portal. You will see this screen:

Agree with the Citrix license agreement and click on the install button.  This will download the Citrix receiver, once downloaded install the software. This may take a few minutes to install. 

Mac and other operating system users may have to download and install the software from here.


After you have installed the software and if you’re using Internet explorer click on Run Add-on. If you are using any other browser just click on continue.


You should then see a log in window, Logon with your username and password.


After you have logged in you will see this window. Click on remote access to launch your remote Citrix session, alternatively you can just launch an individual program by clicking the icons in the subject folders.


Your Citrix session will then load up and you will be able to access and use your desktop as you would in school.